I guess this is it . . .

My laziness updating my own site has finally forced me to just settle on a blogging service rather than custom designing my own site. It's kind of sad really given that I work for a company that designs web sites. But then again, I'm not a designer so my site was going to be pretty basic anyway. I really just needed a place where I could post photos to share with family and maybe make an occasional 'here's what's going on in my life' kind of udpate. In that respect, a blogging service is the perfect solution.

Plus, I can at least host this on my own server under my own domain name.

I eventually plan to add more content and update all the non-blog pages (particularly the photo galleries) to match the design for whatever template I settle on. They've actually got some pretty nice little templates, but I still want to tweak it and personalize it a little bit for my own purposes when I get some time (with the very first thing being getting all that bulky CSS code out of the page file and loading it externally.) But for the time being, this will have to suffice.


Adam said...

you are just trying to be cool like me

KeithB said...

Cool like you. Lazy like you. Same difference.

Anonymous said...

There is a really cute baby on this page!!!

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