I'm officially old now

. . . or so the popular conception of turning 30 would say. Personally, I can't tell much of a difference from yesterday when I was still in my twenties. I think when I was in my 20s I was already leading the life of a 30-something anyway. A full-time job, mortgage, two cars, a wife, a kid and a dog. What does that fall more in line with? 20s? 30s? Kind of a gray area and not much difference from what I can tell. I think once Laney gets older in the next few years then the difference will be more pronounced.

I do know this. If my 20-year-old self and my 30-year-old self got in a fight, I think my 30-year old self could pound on its young doppelganger. Ten years from now, I hope (but seriously doubt) I'll be able to say the same thing.Publish


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