Testing out Flickr

I've been pretty impressed with what I've seen from Flickr thus far so I thought I'd give it a whirl. One of the nicest things about it (assuming I opt for the dirt-cheap paid version) will be the ability to share full-resolution photos so that you guys won't have to wait for me to print a photo before you can get a copy. You can instead pull the original straight off Flickr and print it on your own printer (or at Walgreens, etc.) Granted, I'll have to be much more vigilant about actually uploading photos . . . but that's another story. :)

So for my first photo how about a picture of Laney on her first birthday. Yeah, yeah. I know it was 3 months ago. But it seemed appropriate.


Anonymous said...

WELL GUESS WHAT, I use flickr to. Byt the way, am I the only one who ever reads your blog.


KeithB said...

You're no doubt the most frequent visitor, but I know some other family members, friends and co-workers check on it semi-regularly.

This isn't like MySpace. :P

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