Easter photos are up

Laney's new swing
Originally uploaded by Parrotheader.
I finally got around to paying for a full-fledged Flickr account (for all the stuff it does for $25 it's quite the bargain.) I'm going to try to begin uploading a lot of our photos to my account there. The interface is way nicer than anything I could ever do and it'll also allow you to save a full-resolution copy of the original image.

Just click the photo and it'll take you to my Flickr page. From there you can view all the photos individually (using the 'browse' and 'more' arrows to scroll and choose) or as a slideshow (which you can control the speed of.) You can also order prints and have them mailed to you or pick them up at your local Target. Or just save a full-sized version to print out on your own printer or whever you like. It's a really cool site.


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