Well I feel rested

For all intent and purposes I was pretty much off on Friday. I was trapped at home due to my car being in the shop so I worked from home that day. But much of that work I was able to accomplish the night before so I was able to spend most of the day Friday playing with Laney. So Friday felt like Saturday for the most part . . . Saturday is just gravy now. After my brother went home, I finally went to sleep a little before 2:00am; not that dissimilar from my normal weekday bedtime really. But unlike the weekdays where I start waking up around 7:00, I just now woke up a couple minutes ago at 12:30pm. I like to sleep in a little on the weekends, but I NEVER sleep in that long anymore. Partly due to routine, partly due to Laney, partly due to the fact that I'm just not someone who typically needs a whole lot of sleep.

We're going to need a tranquilizer gun loaded with about 80mg of Ambien to bring me down tonight.


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