To Wii or not to Wii, that is the question

I had originally convinced myself that I was finally going to jump back into the console world once the new Playstation 3 came out (my last console was my first as a child, an Atari 2600.) And I still would like to get one eventually.

But with the expected price to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 I'm suddenly having second thoughts. Granted, the specs for the system look amazing. And Sony has always had some great games on their console. But still, it's $600. And I haven't exactly been playing video games anywhere near as much as I used to.

Couple that with the fact that Nintendo previewed it's next generation console (the rather oddly named 'Wii') and now I'm even more uncertain. The Wii promises to offer a totally different style of gaming experience. Far more interactive requiring the user to get up off the couch. It'll be interesting to see how it fares. But I have to admit, it's a compelling idea and definitely has my interest piqued.

Couple that with the fact that it'll be less than $250 (and still backward compatible with all the old GameCube games) and it looks even more attractive.


Adam said...

you retarded and less of a nerd now.

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