Oh yeah, vacation . . . what is that again?

I've been so busy at work lately, I haven't really had time to look forward to our trip to Montana.

As I was sitting there having dinner with both sets of our parents last night (with everyone excitedly talking about the trip while I was sort of zoned out) it dawned on me that I'm the only one who even has to deal with work at the moment. Holly's out of school for the summer. Her parents are both retired. My mom is now retired. And my dad has more vacation time than God and will be off for close to a month. Meanwhile, it's the end of the month/quarter for me which means gobs of client updates and restructuring campaigns for the coming quarter. Oh joy.

It will be nice to take a break though. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the flight up (4 hours in a plane with a 19-month-old could be challenging to say the least.) I'm still toying with the idea of using my points to bump us up to first class for a bit more room.

Worrying about economizing my paid vacation days is not much of a concern anymore either. With our new 'paid time off' policy at work I've got more than enough time to spare these days. I've already got close to month saved up in my 'sick bank' and since you don't get paid for that time should you leave (the 'rub' they quietly glossed over) there's little incentive to save much more than that. So I've basically got 26 days a year that I can now use mostly for vacation. That's a far cry from the 11 days I had just a couple years ago.

I think I'm going to watch A River Runs Through It tonight to help put myself in the proper mood. The brothers in that movie really strike a chord as they remind me a bit of myself and Adam.


Adam said...

yes they do remind me of us, lets just hope i don't get hoped up on drugs like brad pitts character, and end up dying, he did die at the end right?????

KeithB said...

Yeah. I think he was actually murdered because of debts from his gambling problem.

Let's try to avoid that ok? :P

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