God bless her

Having a little kid serves as the ultimate reality check when it comes to watching sports.

All afternoon, Laney would periodically glance up at the football games on TV. After every play, she would look at the screen and say "Fall down. Dada dey fall down."

Later as I was watching Alabama find a way to lose after (IMO) soundly outplaying Arkansas the whole game I was obviously very frustrated. Alabama had just missed a potentially game-winning field goal that would've put them ahead. Of course the Arkansas crowd went wild as the kick soared wide right. Laney was sitting next to me on the couch reading a book. Seeing the crowd on TV cheering and clapping, Laney suddenly chimed in clapping her hands. "Yay!" she said as she looked up at me with a big grin.

How could I possibly upset about a football game when I have this little bundle of joy sitting next to me? We both cheered and clapped and exchanged a big hug. It was the perfect pick-me-up and a great reality check.


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