Funny how things change

Even though I love my tech toys, I've never been one to use my cell phone all that much. Up until I had Laney, I always just left my cell phone in my car. It truly WAS my 'car phone.' I rarely carried it on me. The reasons were pretty straightforward. I didn't WANT to be that accessible. I liked the fact that there were times people couldn't reach me.

Plus, I'm a relatively quiet person. And a guy to boot. Most guys just don't have long phone conversations. We say what we need to say and get off the phone. Holly and I have been able to get by sharing Verizon's lowest-tier family plan (500 minutes a month at our latest renewal) just fine. I think the closest we've ever come to approaching that was around the holiday season last year when we first eclipsed 400 minutes between us.

But it's amazing how quickly that has changed. Being a dad and needing to be accessible factors in some. And getting used to the luxury of instant contact is another. Plus the portability of current phones makes it infinintely easier. My current phone (which is already ready ancient via current standards at 1.5 years old) is very tiny and easily fits into my pocket - unlike the bigger candybar phones I had previously. As a result it's made its way into my standard 'away game' gear - keys, wallet, phone. Good to go.

Now if I'm out and realize I don't have my cell phone on me I suddenly feel naked. How will they reach me?! How will I reach them?! Nevermind the fact that I'm rarely more than 15 minutes from the house. And it's not like I'm out in the middle of the Sahara hundreds of miles away from civilization. Somehow I managed to survive before without it. Yet it's hard to imagine that now.


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