Good show

The Shoals did well opening for Gretchen Wilson. They played a mix of their own tunes as well as covers (which you pretty much have to when you're trying to get a crowd that doesn't know you or your original material very well.)


Ironically, I think the song that went over best with the crowd was their own song (and my personal favorite) Down South. I noticed a lot of people in the crowd seemed to be grooving along to that one. Like I said in my previous post, it's got a strong chorus. I uploaded a video clip of this to YouTube. You can see it by clicking the play below (you can also click on thru to YouTube for a slightly-larger version.)

I wish I could say my photography and videography were as good as their performance. Unfortunately I had a few things going against me.

1) The lighting made good shots tough even for a good photographer - at night and with constantly changing spotlight colors and brightness. My Canon S2Is is about as good as point-and-shoots get. But in this case, an experienced photographer with a nice SLR was needed.

2) I was having to zoom out toward the extreme edge of my 12x zoom much of the time.

3) I had to shoot a lot of these holding the camera over my head just to get a remotely decent angle and try to minimize heads in the shot (which didn't always work.) No tripod + long zoom + bad angle = bumpy ride.

Enough caveats about my pics and video though. Good job guys.

And I'll try to have some non-concert photos up from the rest of our weekend in the next couple days.


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