A few upgrades to the site

Over the last few months I was beginning to consider whether or not to jump ship from Blogger in favor of another service. Blogger's obviously the most well-known blogging platform, but because of that it's also the most basic.

However, they've recently added a whole slew of changes that have made me decide to stick around. The main feature they've added that I've been wanting is tagging (or 'labels' as Google prefers to call them.) I added an element for those in the right-side navigation. They've also added some updates to the behind-the-scenes template structure, although you probably shouldn't see any major differences on my site as I imported most of the elements from my old template into the new system.

There's a whole host of other nice features as well (embedding RSS feeds, dynamic page regeneration, archive widgets, object-oriented template controls, upgraded RSS/Atom compatability) but I'll try not to bore you. Suffice it to say, my geeky need for more bells and whistles has been appeased for now.


Dan said...

Once again, you lead the way! I've made some changes to my blog to incorporate the new features you've just made me aware of. Thanks for the tips, Keith, and Merry Christmas! (dr)

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