It's alive!

I've had a hard time keeping this thing updated of late, but I've had extenuating circumstances. Honest.

  • I spent over half of the month of February battling that persistent cold bug (which I still think I picked up from my dental "hygienist.") After my second trip to the doctor they finally gave me some antibiotics which seemed to help speed the recovery. I'm all for letting a cold run its course most of the time, but after 3 weeks with no improvement I have to say enough's enough.

  • My Internet connection has been the only thing sicker than myself during that time. It's been down CONSTANTLY (dead 20 out of the last 50 days.) Charter's supposedly doing some upgrades on the network to get ready for VOIP in our area. But why anyone would want to tether their phone to the Charter's internet service after seeing how unreliable the connection is is beyond me. In all fairness, some of the issues may be related to my older cable modem hardware (since I upgraded that the issues have been a bit less frequent.) Still, it's been a very frustrating experience.

  • I've been mucho busy at the office including a trip to Atlanta for half of last week. If I have time, I'll try to do justice to the most interesting experience that took place on that trip.


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