I need to follow my instincts more and start grazing on a regular basis so I can save a few bucks.

Most of my department likes to go to lunch a little early - around 11:30 (actually 11:30 on the dot most days) so they can beat the peak of the lunchtime crowds. I'll go sometimes so I can get a chance to hang out with everybody. But I usually don't get really hungry until closer to 12:30-1:00 (plus I prefer having a short afternoon when I come back from lunch.) So I'll often just stay in and wait until my stomach says it's ready. And I've discovered a nice little trend in doing so.

It's almost like clockwork. Everyday around 12:30-1:00 one or more working lunch meetings will be getting out of one of our conference rooms. And invariably those meetings will have ordered WAY too much food. The leftovers will quickly make their way to one of our break rooms where the food (assuming it's something desirable) is soon devoured by the rest of the office as they inadvertently discover the prize on their way to get something to drink.

You can even tell the difference between the food for an internal meeting v/s a client meeting too. A client meeting will usually have more upscale lunch cuisine - gourmet deli sandwiches, fancy pasta plates, pastries, etc. An internal meeting usually features more utilitarian grub - pizza, BBQ, chicken fingers, cookies, etc. Sometimes less formal client meetings will also get the internal meeting fare too depending upon the client. I personally prefer the internal meeting food more, but I won't knock the alternative if it's free.

Nothing's more frustrating though than paying for a nice lunch and then coming back to find an even better (and free) lunch waiting at the office. Today I had to run some errands and picked up a grilled shrimp po-boy to bring back to the office. I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink (we get free sodas) and found a buffet of Dreamland BBQ just begging to be eaten. *sigh* Now I usually LOVE a great shrimp po-boy, but good BBQ is just tough to pass up. I grabbed a little to accompany the lunch I'd already paid too much for (note to readers: the new City Diner in Vestavia is nice, but not a cheap place for lunch.) Oh well, live and learn.

On the plus side, one of the two lunch meetings today apparently had a ton of leftover beer so I was at least able to enhance the shrimp po-boy experience a little more than I'd previously planned.


Lori said...

That's what I miss about being on the ground floor - the food. People rarely have lunch meetings up here.

And I'm with you on the late lunch. I'd rather have a short afternoon anyday.

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