Effects of some of my favorite shows

I've noticed this trend for awhile, but thanks to my DVR I tend to catch-up on a lot of my favorite shows at roughly the same time and setting. And unfortunately this strong association of time and the content of the shows always seems to lead to some compulsive cravings and/or mood swings. Just to run down a few:

  • No Reservations: Despite the fact that Anthony Bourdain regularly eats items on the show that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole I always get EXTREMELY hungry while watching his show. Unfortunately I tend to catch-up on this show late at night right before bed. The last thing I need is a massive, spicy meal right before bed (although I used to be notorious for that.) This is the same reason why I unfortunately try to avoid the Food Network as a general rule.

  • Battlestar Galactica: I absolutely love this show, but the constant gloominess and dread just depresses the hell out of me whenever I watch it now. I'll actually put off watching it for weeks at a time and will never watch it early in the day (when it has a chance to sour my disposition for the rest of the day) because of that.

  • Diggnation: Ok, this isn't really a TV show per se, but I love it and usually make a point of watching it on my TV each week so it's close enough for me. No surprise here, but this one strongly compels me to crack open a brew and have a few drinks along with Alex and Kevin. And for the record, that does improve the viewing experience.

  • Mythbusters: This one just tempts me to be a kid again - to build and destroy things I have no business messing with. Fortunately I haven't acted on this urge . . . yet.


MertMengelmier said...

Mythbusters: Don't act on that urge. I tried once and ended up with a boat landing on my house. Beware.

Adam said...

Stay from radiation experiments, especially while drinking beer and eating spicy food. Its a recipe for the near anhilation of the human race.............

I tried really hard to incorporate everything you said in your blog and actively contibute to the discussion.

--not half as dorky as you.

your little brother

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