Hell's waiting room is . . .

The doctor’s office during flu season.

The airport when your departure flight is 2hrs late (and your next layover is only 45 minutes.)

The ICU when a loved one is a patient.

But in my little world, at least for today, it’s the waiting room at the service center at my car dealership. We had to take the CR-V in for its scheduled maintenance as we’re nearing the end of it’s warranty period. Oh joy.

So here I am sitting in the waiting room. The TV. The multiple copies of the newspaper. The free drinks. The free donuts and snacks. The free wi-fi so I can surf the web. And the free shuttle to take me wherever I want to go.

Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be hating this place. But who am I kidding? This place is great! I love all those things. Perhaps I’ll just move in here and start telecommuting from the service center every day! What could possibly spoil such a great experience?

Look, here comes Randall, my friendly customer service representative! He’s here to tell me what maintenance they performed and to take me over to the counter where he’ll hand me off to Debbie to finish all the neatly-formatted paperwork. Hello Debbie. $285!?!?

This place sucks.


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