Oooooooooooh. Me want.

Ryobi 18v Chainsaw
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Yeah, yeah. I know the Ryobi stuff isn't on the more hardcore/manly end of the tool spectrum like Craftsman, DeWalt, etc. But for somebody who only does light home repair stuff (and also has access to a dad with half of Sears in his basement) it's more than adequate. And most of the pieces seem to work really well.

The only reason I even know about this thing is due to a recent trip to Home Depot. I'd purchased one of those too-good-to-pass-up Ryobi deals on the day after Thanksgiving last year. It had the 18V drill, circular saw, battery and charger for dirt cheap. I honestly hadn't opened it until earlier this week as I have another cordless drill I use most of the time and haven't needed a saw recently. Once I opened it occurred to me though that I'd obviously need spare batteries. So I went over to Home Depot to get a spare set of batteries.

While I was there I of course had to browse around. That's when I saw this thing. The five-year-old in me now desperately wants to take this out in our back yard and start hacking down the forest of small trees that we have on our property. Actually I probably could get a decent amount of use out of it as we really do have a LOT of small trees in our back yard and routinely have big limbs that come crashing down from our larger trees during storms. That's enough justification right?


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