It's starting to set in now

It's not that I didn't realize what was going on during the first 7.5 months of this process, but I'm really starting to get excited now about Jessica's arrival into our world.

I sit here enjoying my usual late night relaxation time with Tucker and it dawns on me just how quiet it is and how comfortable in our routines we've become. But the realization that things will soon change again is exciting - even in the face of a few months where solid sleep could be a rarity. There's of course the anxiousness that any expectant parent gets. But this time around it's less about being able to properly attend to Jessica's needs as it is about learning the balancing act that comes with having two young children. And even that isn't really a worrisome anxiousness as much as it is eagerness.

But for now I'll enjoy the last few weeks of our current routine before we shake things up again. With that in mind, I'm off to cuddle on the couch with Tucker and watch an old episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as we slowly lull ourselves to sleep.


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