I was surprised they managed it so easily, but I was glad to see my favorite NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, win their 4th NBA title in 9 years tonight.

They're an under-appreciated dynasty because:

  • They're in a small market that's not on the East Coast where you get more media coverage by default.
  • Their star player (the greatest power forward ever) is a quiet guy who goes about his business and doesn't seek media attention. In fact their whole team isn't flashy. They're often described as playing a 'boring' brand of basketball because of it. They don't rely on a Kobe or Lebron or Jordan to carry them to victory every night. They beat you as a team with role players often being the deciding factor.
  • They spread out their wins over a number of years instead of stringing together their championships in successive years. They may have only had one squad (in 2005) that could have gone toe-to-toe with some of the other great dynasties of the last 30 years. But in some ways, their constant success over such a long period is more impressive since it shows an ability to thrive in spite of personnel changes.
All of the reasons above (coupled with the fact that I was a huge David Robinson fan because of his character) are reasons I've come to pull for the Spurs over the years. Their run may be coming to an end (then again they could still pull it off over the next couple years) but they've already established themselves as one of the great dynasties in basketball history.


Jason McCay said...

It's the "Robert Horry" effect. I would pay that guy top dollar just to be on my team...even if he just warms the bench for the younger guys.

Holly Browder said...

I'm hoping he follows up on what he's said in past interviews by entering the coaching ranks after he retires. And if he does well, I'd love it if he ended up back home (as he also has mentioned before.)

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