Cruel irony

So I'm sitting here working in my office with the door closed. I closed the door because I'm dog tired and I'm genuinely afraid I'll pass out with the door wide open for every person in the hall to see. Now I've never been one to need a ton of sleep, but a month of going to bed at 2:00a.m. and being awoken at ~6:00a.m. is starting to catch up with me. Even though Holly handles the morning feedings I still have a hard time going back to sleep (and it's never that deep, restful sleep.)

As I was typoing away I suddenly see a couple pieces of mail being passed under the door (they'll do that sometimes rather than disturb you by knocking.) One of the mail items was a quarterly newsletter from a company promoting employee physical and mental health. The headline of this edition?

Sleep: More Important Than You Think!

No $#*%!


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