Mad Men

If you haven't seen it (or at least the massive ad campaign promoting it) I highly recommend checking out AMC's new original series Mad Men.

I was originally drawn to it because it was based on ad agency, my business. And it is entertaining to watch from that perspective. But it's real strength and allure is as a period piece set in 1960. Fifties culture was its peak with everything seemingly smooth and polished. But the show beautifully displays the growing tension lying just underneath the surface - particularly in regard to the status and relations between men and women. As someone who didn't gr

The cast is great, the characters complex and the writing is gritty and raw. Visually it's on par with anything put out by HBO (in fact the show comes from the producer of the Sopranos and was originally pitched to HBO.) Holly had zero interest in it, but after she watched 5 minutes of the premiere with me she was hooked. It's only in its second week, but hopefully it'll be around for awhile.


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