Sorry for the lack of updates

I know this blog's regular readers (both of them) are disappointed with the interruption in high quality content they've come to depend on. We considered putting Jessica back so I could have more time to blog professionally. But that plan has been inexplicably vetoed (for now.)

In the meantime, enjoy this selection of some of my favorite 70s/80s TV theme songs. This list is by no means comprehensive, but does represent some of the fine vintage of the era.

Play = one at a time
... = playlist in succession


Matt said...

Dude...where is Air Wolf?

KeithB said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Holly Browder said...

It's actually on that playlist on YouTube proper. But for some reason they limit the number of clips on embedded playlists.

Oh well. It's better than the old embedded clips which would cut off after only 4 clips.

Adam said...

I forgot Riptide even existed. I have vague memories of watching that before I had to be in the bed at 7:00. I only remember that ugly beast of a helicopter.

KeithB said...

Yeah Riptide's theme song sort of encapsulated the cheese factor from all the great 80s action theme songs. It doesn't get the respect Magnum PI and even Simon & Simon get, but it's arguably the 'best' IMO.

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