The waiting is the hardest part

While I grew up in an era where Star Wars was far and away the prevailing cultural icon that defined the play of my childhood, the Indiana Jones series still holds a special place in my heart. Raiders of the Lost Ark will forever be one of my 'desert island movies' (aka favorite movies of all-time.)

20th Anniversary Teaser

I'll be curious to see what they do with Indiana Jones 4. While it's unlikely it'll be able to live up to hardcore fans lofty expectations, I'm not sure it'll be saddled with quite the same impossible task that the second Star Wars trilogy had to face. This was partly due to the underlying themes of each and partly due to the overall scale of their impact. Indiana Jones was a massively popular movie franchise and the vehicle that solidified Harrison Ford as the modern day Humphrey Bogart. But that series still stood in the shadows of a giant. Star Wars was a 20th century icon which will be remembered many centuries from now as a defining point in our culture's history. I actually enjoyed most of the second trilogy, but nothing could have lived up to the original Star Wars series legacy. I'm not sure that's the case with Indiana Jones.

Stick to the light-hearted, 1940s (now at least 1950s given the time gap) serial feel. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.


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