Dusting off an old bookmark

I keep a list of about 15 of my most-used links bookmarked on my browser's toolbar for quick and easy access. One of those links is to a local radar view I use to keep tabs on any approaching storms.

On a normal year I'd probably check that link at least once a day before I head home. But today was the first time in close to a month that I've even bothered to check. We had a brief respite back in late-August/early-September where there was a bit of noteworthy rain. But other than that it's been more of the same . . . . drought, drought, drought.

It's nice to see even a little bit of green stuff on the radar for a change (hopefully not too much red stuff.) Either way, I almost forgot what that was like. But judging by the long-term forecasts for this fall/winter it looks like the drought will continue to rage on. Jessica's going to start off the first year of her life with a very skewed view of what it's like to live in our little slice of the world.

EDIT: Last night's storms ended up being yet another non-event for those of us here in Central Alabama. Despite a mean looking storm front approaching as I went to bed, we ended up with all of 0.20" of rain here during the overnight hours south of Birmingham. The system all but disintegrated as it approached the area (a recurring theme.) The ground was almost completely dry by the time I left for work. Oh well. I guess I ought to start working on a desert motif rock garden for the front lawn.


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