Proof of Jessica's existence

Jessica at 3 months
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It's difficult to avoid the second child syndrome. Fortunately, digital cameras help minimize the effect some as we're now in the habit of snapping a ton of pictures since cost is no longer a concern.

Still, there's little doubt we'll likely fall into the trap of having fewer pictures of our second child than our first. It's not that you want to neglect the memories of the child. You're just that much busier the second time around since you already have another child still demanding much of your attention. That wasn't something we had to deal with the first time (Tucker was very self-reliant.)

Jessica will be ahead of Laney on one front though. We have a better camcorder this time around so there will be substantially more video of Jessica's first years than there were of Laney's.

More pictures from the last few months can now be found on my Flickr page.


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