Those disarming moments

We drove down to Montgomery today to attend my cousin Lindsay’s wedding. It was a nice service and a particularly nice reception. After a full afternoon of enjoying ourselves and visiting with family we finally had to make our way back home.

As we neared our house after the hour long drive back I asked Laney in the backseat, “Did you have a good time today?”

“No,” she said. I knew she’d had a great time. But she’s at that stage now where the default answer to pretty much every question is no.

After another minute or so of silence a more thoughtful comment emerged from the backseat.

“She had a pretty white dress today.”

“Yes, yes she did.” I said.

Laney continued, “And she was the only one wearing a white dress today.”

“That’s right. Today was her special day.” I said.

“I want to wear a white dress like that some day.”

“You will sweetie. You will.”

“And I want to dance.”

“We will sweetie. We will.”


Anonymous said...

This is sooooo sweet. I can so remember when Lindsay was the little girl in the back seat in a car seat. Now she was the girl in white. I'm glad you guys were there and even more happy that you enjoyed it. We really do appreciate your presence. Thanks for the little story. I'll pass it on to Lindsay.
Aunt Chris

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