I miss old school animation

I like a lot of the Pixar-inspired movies which are pretty much the norm these days. But sitting here watching Disney's original Robin Hood with Laney makes me miss the old hand drawn animation from ye olden days.

I also miss the music. I'm not talking about the grand, Broadway-friendly productions from the late 80s and early/mid 90s (although I certainly respect those for being great musicals.) I'm talking about the simple old songs that weren't written with any grand intentions in mind. They were just there to set the mood and support the story and didn't mind coming off as chintzy (even if they really weren't.)

A few of the songs from Robin Hood epitomize this for me. Tunes like Whistle Stop (long before the Hamster Dance perverted it), Oo-De-Lally, and Not in Nottingham. I particularly enjoy the irony that you've got a Texan as the main singer/narrator and several Southern/Western accents as major characters in a story that's supposed to be set in 11th century England. But since we've got animals playing the roles of humans I guess this isn't an instance to be a stickler for details.


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