My death row meal

I was finishing up my workout in the basement when Holly came downstairs with some leftover brownies she had just made for a friend. She says she doesn't do anything special when she's making them, but I swear they always taste extraordinarily good.

Which got me to thinking whether or not they were so good as to merit a spot on my oft-contemplated 'death row' meal list. I have two main derivations of this meal depending upon my mood/cravings. They are as follows.

Main gut-busting choice:

  • Babyback ribs (Lisa's)
  • Garden salad with strawberry vinigarete dressing (Rose's)
  • Baked beans (Holly's)
  • Hashbrown casserole (Cracker Barrel's)
  • Cornbread (Mom's)
  • Sweet tea (my cousin Kristy's)
  • Chocolate-frosted, chocolate cake (Mema's)
Alternative/simpler choice:
  • Crab legs (from anywhere good; just well-salted with crispy shells)
  • Hush puppies (good, spicy cajun-style)
  • Tecate beer (frosted glass straight from the tap)
I don't really have any dessert thoughts for the latter meal so maybe Holly's brownies could fit there. However, a better match would probably be a really good key lime pie (the one we had at the now defunct Jumbo's in Orange Beach was still my favorite of all time.)

There's naturally dozens of close runner-ups. I LOVE breakfast. And Mema's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (such a simple thing) always tasted like heaven. I'd also love to list a really good Chinese or Italian dish as those are some of my favorites. But I'm a Southern boy at heart and my tastes still reflect that.

The other brownie is calling me now. But I really need to finish riding the bike first. Maybe I can just place it in front of the bike and use it as motivation (or more appropriately, justification.)


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