An email request to friends/family

Most of my immediate circle of friends and family are pretty good about this, but I just wanted to make an open observation/request. This actually wasn't prompted by anybody's recent actions, it just popped into my head as I was sending out an email a little while ago and was tracking down the latest status of a few email addresses.

NEVER make your ISP email your primary personal email address. Odds are your ISP is going to change over time. Then you have to deal with things like transferring contacts, transferring critical emails, letting everyone know your new address, etc. Just go out and get a free account from a major, respected portal like Google or Yahoo and make that your primary point of contact (not to mention accounts from those two sites are pretty much a necessity these days for other things like instant messaging, online photo hosting, fantasy football leagues, etc.)

I don't even know what my ISP email address/password is. I think they gave it to me when I first got cable broadband 7 years ago. Not counting my business email address, I try to route most of my personal email through my main Yahoo and Gmail accounts. They'll both be around forever, they're free, they both have more than enough storage, they're easy to use, they can automatically forward emails, they work with 3rd party software like Outlook, etc. It's easy to get carried away and have too many accounts on these services (I'm a classic example of that; part of it's a byproduct of my work needs though) so try to just pick one account and stick with it if at all possible.


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