Conan sans writers

Even though I'm a bit of a nightowl, I've never really watched much of the late night talkshows over the years. The one exception for me has always been Late Night with Conan O'Brien. While I never really go out of my way to watch it, I appreciate Conan's quick wit and the show's more off-kilter sense of humor. If I catch a funny bit while flipping through I'll stop and watch, but it has never been must-see TV for me.

However, knowing that they were going to re-launch the show without writers (while the CBS competitors of Letterman and Ferguson now have their writing team back in place) piqued my interest. Having to come up with material for a show that's on five nights a weeks is a tall order for even a team of professional writers - much less one host (and one would presume, a team of non-writers like producers, studio crew, etc.)

Still, I had high hopes for Conan and thus far he hasn't disappointed. While the show will clearly be struggling to find ways to fill the one hour timeslot (especially since they can't re-use old, recurring skits/bits for some reason) he's acquitted himself well thus far. Last night's jaunt into the catwalk, the pre-recorded bits, and the (now recurring) ring spinning bit went over well.

I'm pulling for him because I know it's a nearly impossible task. But if the strike doesn't end soon they'll run out of ideas in a hurry.


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