From the 'wouldn't it be cool' dept

Nothing's changed on the Guitar Hero front (I still suck) but I've enjoyed the game thus far.

It did get me thinking of an oddball question though . . . how cool/odd/impossible would it be to try to tackle a Chet Atkins tune on Guitar Hero? Most people obviously think rock/blues/metal when they think of guitar greats and I'm no different. But Chet is one of the best of all time regardless of genre. His finger-picking style is so indescribably smooth. With the possible exception of Keb Mo, he's my favorite musician to listen to whenever I just want to relax. This old standard is a bit faster-paced than most of his stuff, but it shows a little of what I'm talking about. Imagine that coming down the fretboard on Guitar Hero.

On a side note, the bass player was also amusing.


Adam said...

sehr gut mochten die Deutschen es

Holly Browder said...

Yes. Yes they did.

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