It's the albino brain chiggers!! Run! Runnnnnnn!

Actually it looks like the latest forecast models are beginning to back off from our slight chance of seeing any of the white stuff later this week. And if it weren't for the fact that I have a couple of kids who'd love to see it I'd say good riddance.

Not that I didn't enjoy snow as a kid - far from it. But ever since college I've always been sort of a bah humbug kind of guy when it comes to snow. We just don't get the white stuff with any regularity here in the deep South. And even when it does snow it's usually a fairly pathetic display that barely covers the ground and melts within hours. Ice is usually the FAR more likely outcome for us.

However, all you need is just a hint of snow or ice on the ground and the roads instantly become impassible (mostly due to naive drivers, not the conditions of the roads themselves.) The last time we had a light case of snow/ice my usual ~20 minute drive in took over 2 hours . . . before I finally gave up and turned around (next time I'm just going to telecommute.)

Even the potential for a light dusting in the forecast can bring this city to its knees causing a stampede on grocery stores as people pick the shelves clean of all "essential" staples. Unfortunately, the memory of the Blizzard of 93 still seems top of mind for so many people. But maybe my memory and perspective are just jaded by time. Because that's as bad as it will EVER get. We had 18" inches of snow in our yard after that storm (well over 3x deeper than anything I've ever seen here in my lifetime.) Yet the main roads near us were semi-passable the next day and completely open within 48 hours. We even had our power back on within 36 hours (although I realize there were many in the metro area who went without power for close to a week.) Still, very few areas were truly stranded for anything more than a few days. And if that's as bad as it gets, do you REALLY need those 4 gallons of milk and 6 loaves of bread?


KeithB said...

As usual, whenever I'm overly whiny I'm usually proven wrong. For the first time in ages, we've actually got a decent shot at snow in the next couple days.

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