Michael Air Wilkins

I finally got around to watching the much ballyhooed slam dunk contest from the NBA All-Star weekend. It definitely was one of the most creative dunk contests in many years (which you have to respect as there's only so many ways you can dunk after awhile.)

But I'll NEVER forget the 1988 contest. In addition to a great cast including Clyde Drexler and Spud Webb, it featured the highly anticipated rematch between two of the greatest dunkers of all-time in Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins.

I was a HUGE Dominque fan and still think he got robbed. Jordan had performed his contest-winning freethrow line dunk much better the previous year (and actually took off from the line AND made it on the first attempt, unlike this time.) Ironically, I thought Jordan's lowest scoring dunk was his most impressive. Meanwhile, Dominque's first and last dunks were two of the greatest I've ever seen. The poster of the first was a feature on my bedroom wall for many years. But the contest was in Chicago so the outcome didn't really come as a shock. As a gracious Dominque said, "If anybody's going to beat me, I'd rather have it be him."


Holly Browder said...

Ok, that has to be the fastest search engine indexing ever. I posted this article and then did a quick Google search on 'michael air wilkins' just to see if anybody else had ever used the phrase (apparently not for the record.) But I was shocked when this post already came up on Google's main index. I know Google owns Blogger (which powers this site) but I was still floored by the fact it was instantly included.

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