Interesting product name

This is a very juvenile post and may be semi old news, so I'm going to go ahead and apologize for that right up front. But as I was working I had the TV running in the background and a commercial came on for a new prescription drug for acid reflux. Generally I have the TV on for white noise to (ironically) help me concentrate, but certain keywords are always going to catch you ear's sonar and the first mention of this product's name was no exception. Just close your eyes, ignore the superfluous talk and listen to the product's name.

As a reflux sufferer, I'm glad to hear there's another option out there. As a marketer . . . I'm speechless. Apparently the parent company for this product is based in Japan. But I have a hard time believing this was a mistake that somehow got past American marketing firms. If they were banking on the name to help it go viral then bravo.

EDIT: I Twittered this earlier and my co-worker David Griner (also a writer for Adweek's AdFreak blog) had apparently never seen/heard this before.


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