Off and running

I'm still a couple months behind on getting our family pictures uploaded to Flickr. And unfortunately I haven't got Holly (our resident shutter bug) whipped into shape to use Flickr yet. So if you're curious to see more up-to-date pictures on the girls you can always check out Holly's blog.

However, this moment was too cute to pass up, so it got bumped to the front of the line. Jessica has actually been taking a few steps, walking around pushing carts, etc for a couple months now. But she honestly has just never shown much interest in walking. She can do it, but as soon as she realized you'd let go of her hand she just plop to the ground and take off crawling at high speed. But apparently the light bulb went off today and she decided it would be fun to start trying more.


Kate said...

Too, too cute!

Adam said...

It's a shame I am not around more. I hate that I have to miss moments like this one. Jess looks so adorable with that smile. And I can tell that Laney loves being a big sister.

I'm so glad that I got to see you guys today, even though it was for a minute.

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