Down South

Most of the regular readers of this blog know that my brother has long been an aspiring musician.

Actually that's not 100% accurate. Like many kids he started off as an apsiring musician. But as he progressed through college his talents captured the attention of two of Muscle Shoals legends in the songwriting community (Gary Baker and Walt Aldridge.) Under their tuteledge they cultivated his songwriting prowess and helped reshape his longterm goals for the music industry.

As fate would have it though, Adam was drawn back into the performance side of the industry when a coveted young singer was being groomed for promotion. In need of a backup band, Adam (along with one of Gary and Walt's other young prodigies) were drafted back into service. Although the original goal was to promote the singer, production companies liked the entire package so much they decided to promote them as a group - The Shoals.

Although they have great connections (and even turned down a record contract from one Nashville label) they've still been working hard, paying their dues for the last several years. Throughout this time my brother has been doing double-duty, not only working hard with the band, but also on cultviating his own individual songwriting career.

But it looks like the band is entering a new phase now. Their production and booking companies now seem to be putting them on the frontburner to prep them for promotion to the record labels. Their recently re-launched website is yet another facet of this.

Do me (and them) a favor and check the new site out - and maybe even buy the CD. They really are exceptionally talented and have worked hard to get where they are. I know I'm biased, but they already sound better than most of the artists you hear on the radio.


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