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Holly and I were looking for a good chaser movie after watching the Dark Knight a couple weeks ago. As anyone who's seen Dark Knight will tell you, it's a great film, but extremely intense and a tough act to follow. Since anything in the suspense or drama genre just wouldn't work, we decided to take a gamble on a film that was in an entirely different direction.

If you haven't seen The Matador this will be completely out of context and probably downright odd. There's just a certain build-up in the character development that makes this scene exponentially more enjoyable for those who have seen the film. It feels perfectly natural by that point. So if you HAVEN'T seen this movie and like offbeat stuff I highly recommend checking the movie out. It's a very entertaining little flick with a lot more heart (and creative cinematography) than I ever anticipated. I honestly think it was my favorite movie I saw that night (and that's saying something.)


Kate said...

The Matador is currently at the top of my netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation! I eagerly await its arrival.

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