Yes this thing is still alive

I know I haven't updated this site in awhile. And I'm not going to make any promises that that's going to change either as this is just for fun.

The pace has slowed here due to a number of reasons.

  • Holly's doing a great job of providing updates for those interested in our family on her blog.

  • My Flickr feed is relatively current (at least with camera phone photos) so stories via photos are still available.

  • Twitter has captured my attention more and more over the last year (although even there I find myself posting less often due to time constraints.)

  • Facebook has increasingly captured my attention (not only personally, but also professionally as we're doing more and more advertising on there.) On a side note, this is also one of the main reasons Holly has been reluctant to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. She enjoys the simplicity of blogging and knows a lot of people can get sucked in by Facebook (so she currently just reads from the sidelines via my profile.)

  • Once the girls go to bed, most of my gadget time is now spent on the Xbox, not the computer. Be it playing games, watching shows recorded from Media Center or movies streamed from Netflix, I'm completely hooked to that device.

  • My professional life in my 'new' role (just wrapping up my first year in my new dept after nearly 8 years in my previous role) is keeping me very busy. My meetings and daily email load have increased at least 3x. I love the new position, but it definitely keeps me hopping.

  • As a result of the point above I'm trying to 'unplug' from the web a little more when I get home. I still surf some, etc. But I'm trying to keep it a more lean-back experience these days.
Whenever the mood strikes you can be sure I'll post something here. But I'm not sure if the frequency will always be the same as it had been at some points in the past.


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