When did I become the little brother?

As I was putting on my clothes this morning the irony of the situation struck me. I'm the older brother and was always the one who got the new clothes and my younger brother was stuck with the hand-me-downs. But here I was putting on:

  • An old shirt of Adam's.
  • An old pair of pants of Adam's.
  • A very nice jacket of Adam's.
All were very nice articles of clothing that are still very much in style (at least here in normal people, non-musician land.) I'd received these at various times as Adam will periodically bring home large garbage bags crammed full of clothing he no longer wears.

What's even more bizzare is how my younger brother (the starving musician) manages to afford all these clothes. By my calculations, the amount of clothes I've received from him must've had an original value of close to $230,000,000. Don't ask, don't tell I suppose.

Either way, I like the duds and keep 'em coming. And if Adam happens to get famous at some point along the way that'll be even better. I can start selling the stuff on E-bay.


Adam said...

ahh my brother. the great sarcastic one. that may be the reason why i am a starving musician. because i wasted to much money on clothes.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, Keith. I know Adam has a ton of clothes and he says he has like two pairs of pants! I do have to admit, you are both pretty stylish!

Adam said...

by the way, I want 20% of whatever you make off ebay.

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