New toy!

Ok. Well maybe it's not a toy per se. I don't even own it. It's the company's. But I think a new laptop still qualifies for the happy dance.

My old workstation at the office had served me well, but I opted for a laptop this time since I work a lot from home. In addition to my desktops at home, I'd been using an older laptop I actually bought off the agency and it's still a very solid machine (actually smaller than this one) but there's no comparison in terms of speed and ease of use. And with the VPN access it's virtually no different than being in the office (except for the fact that I can post in my underwear with less anxiety.) Now if only I could get my company to allow telecommuting as a regular part of the work week . . .


Adam said...

oh yeah, I just got up an 1 hour ago. i'm still in my underwear.

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