Merry Christmas

Technically it's still Merry Christmas eve here (at least when I started typing this is about 15 minutes before midnight.) But Christmas Eve is always the pinnacle of the Christmas season for me anyway. Everything's been building up to this point and it's all kind of down hill from here emotionally. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas day and the days that follow (especially since I'm usually off work and with family.) But it's almost as if once the day's over, the 'magic' of the Christmas season is gone with it and you know it's a long time until you get to experience that feeling again. And with Holly and I exchanging our gifts on Christmas eve (although this year we did stockings-only) it only makes this night that much more special. I imagine now that Laney is getting older though, Christmas morning will once again gain that special sparkle that only a child's eyes can know.

Adam, I haven't even BEGUN to start working on wrapping your present yet. I might have to concede defeat in this year's wrapping battle for a change (although I must admit, in terms of style, you won last year's battle hands-down - a concrete-encased DVD is truly a work of art and worthy of holiday-wrapping accolades.)

But should I fail, I'll be back with a vengance next year!


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