Surf Nicaragua

Adam will love this . . .

Whenever I have a hard time falling asleep (i.e., most nights) one of the things I like to do is lay down on the couch with Tucker and watch one of my favorite movies that I've seen 200,000+ times. Usually within 10-15 minutes I'm lulled to sleep. 'Real Genius' is one my all-time favorites and I used it last night.

The movie was still fresh in my mind this morning though, so I went over to the Internet Movie Database just to check out any additional info on it. Foolishly, I ventured into the message board for the movie located at the bottom of the IMDB page. If you've never been to the IMDB boards before be warned. You can get sucked in very VERY quickly as they have a message board setup for every movie and actor imaginable. It's a veritable treasure trove of trivia, geeks and stalkers. Truly great stuff.

Anyway, one of the first posts I saw in there was on "Val Kilmer's T-shirts" from the film. If you've ever seen the movie you'll instantly know the shirts they're talking about. Sure enough, someone inside the thread had found a site where you could buy all the shirts he wore in the movie. God bless the Internet!

In the true narcissistic spirit of blogging, two of these shirts ('Surf Nicaragua' and 'Order of the Gorilla') have now been added to my wishlist. :)


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