Quicktime I loathe thee

Well maybe not loathe (it is only software afterall.) But I think I've finally had just about enough of it. It's outlived its usefulness to me.

It's not so much the codec itself. It's not the fact that player uses a LOT of overhead and can bring even the most powerful PC to a crawl as it opens itself up. It's not the fact that up until the more recent codec updates that it's efficiency for image quality vs file size was lagging considerably behind its competition. And it's not the fact that the program itself CONSTANTLY pesters you to update/upgrade.

It's the fact that if I get a conflict of which application should open a file type (and like every media viewer, quicktime wants to be your buddy for everything) that I get a pop-up similar to this which I cannot activate (or deactivate) . . . freezing my browser.

Movie trailers are about the only reason I even have Quicktime installed anymore. Unfortunately, most of the movie trailers out there still make their premiere at Apple.com (although I now check Yahoo's trailers first these days as they also offer WMV files.) Hopefully, we'll start to see more and more Flash trailers in the future as that seems to be the most logical choice.

I guess I'm finally going to have to get around to installing Quicktime Alternative.


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