It's a sad day.

One of my Infinity tower speakers has finally died. They've served me faithfully for close to 12 years now. But I noticed when watching a movie the other day that we were getting far too much 'muddy' sounding noise out of the left-front channel. Today I peeled back the protective grill to find that the woofer had torn apart. *sob*

Actually I'm not that big of an audiophile (heck, the combined cost of all my speakers in my downstairs 'man room' where I have an 82" projection screen is maybe all of $100 total.) But because those were my only REAL speakers it makes it hurt that much more. I still remember how proud I was back when I got those as an 18-year-old college student. I used to get all my audio/video equipment from Circuit City through a guy named Max. He was the manager of the home theater department so he could authorize the best deals on floor-sample stuff (which is what I always bought as they really marked down floor-sample stuff down in those days; not anymore where they might take off a measly 10-20%.) Those speakers were originally over $300 each. I got them for $91 each and they were in excellent condition.

Because of the amazing sound quality they delivered (and because at the time I was living in an apartment) I never felt compelled to get a subwoofer. It was only after we got a house that I decided it was ok to get a subwoofer and 'crank it' periodically. Since I now have a subwoofer I'll likely just replace the pair with a set of decent bookshelf speakers. It'll be far cheaper while still offering roughly the same sound quality thanks to the sub.

Still, I'll hate to see those towers go. There was definitely something manly about having those big, black, four-foot-tall speakers.


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