Ahhhhhh. Sweet freedom

Now is the time of year that I relish.

I generally don't take days off from January through Memorial Day (other than for sickness, and even then I'll often telecommute from home.) While that's a rough stretch to go through with no break, it pays dividends once this time of the year rolls around as I now have tons of vacation time to use during the holiday season. With the exception of going in for a half-day at some point next week (just to tend to anything that might pop up) I'll be off all next week. I'll also have another week-long break at Christmas. And sometime between now and then I might even take a couple days just to tend to some shopping or anything else (such as golf or maybe a trip to T-town to go to the City Cafe for lunch.)

I'm not used to such long breaks. It makes me miss my college days when free-time was a commodity I had in abundance.


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