And THAT is why you back things up regularly

I had a bit of a scare here in the last couple days. I was in the process of transferring all our digital photos from one hard drive to another when I realized that most of our 2005 photo files (i.e., the photos from Laney's first year) had been corrupted.

It wasn't a Windows issue, just a hardware issue. I had been offloading photos from our camera onto an 80GB external drive. But the external drive also doesn't run off my UPS battery backup. So everytime the power flickers (which is more often than I'd like) it flips on and off while the rest of the computer keeps humming along just fine. Apparently, it had had happened enough to reach a point where certain files had been corrupted.

I prepared myself for my assured execution from Holly. I had to inform her that we had lost the original copies of many of Laney's more precious photos. Oh if ONLY I had backed them up!

But wait! Could it be!? Don't I remember? . . . . . Yes! I HAD backed them up! Earlier this summer I had taken the time to sit down one evening and backup ALL our photos onto DVD-Rs. *happy dance for being spared the guillotine*


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