The best Christmas present ever

I was hoping to have a photo to accompany this post, but my scanner is acting up. Oh well. I might add it later.

Anyway . . . most of the people who read my blog probably already know about this. But for the rest of you out there, I'd just like to openly announce that our family is about to grow again. Holly is now about 2.5 months pregnant. The official due date is July 9, although we're having a C-section this time so the actual delivery date might be a good week or so before that. We'll find out if the baby's a girl or boy some time around February.

Holly's doing well. This pregnancy has been a bit tougher than Laney's, but hopefully things will go relatively smoothly. We've also informed Laney. She knows there's a baby in her mom's belly (she kisses it every night.) But obviously the magnitude of the upcoming changes won't really sink in until the baby gets here. We still have to verify a few things financially and career-wise, but we're hoping Holly will be able to take the entire 2007-08 school year off to stay home with the children.

I'll post further news as necessary. In the meantime, Merry Christmas.


Dan said...

Hey Keith!

Congratulations!!! And best wishes for a healthy 2007 for all four of you. dr

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