I recently had a bad experience with some homemade eggnog that Holly's best friend gave to me. In all fairness, Lisa didn't make it; it was given to her by one of her customers. So I guess I should've been wary of third-hand eggnog. But I succombed to my weakness for this particular holiday temptation and checked my common sense at the door.

Suffice it to say, lesson learned. I'll be sticking with the store bought stuff (or at least homemade from people I know firsthand) from now on. Barbers Eggnog has long been an institution in my parents house, but this year I started to give the Publix "Low Fat" eggnog a shot. And it's actually surprisingly good (as well as surprisingly fattening; no doubt the two go hand-in-hand)

But as I near the bottom of my current (and potentially last) half gallon, it got me to thinking - why is this stuff only around for the holidays? For sheer taste, it's too good not to have year round. The same goes for Mountain Dew LiveWire as well (which is summer-only.)

I guess like any good thing the logic is we'd probably just get spoiled if it was readily available. Scarcity is what is supposed to make it special and give it a strong association with the holidays. Still, gingerbread and candy canes are available year round too, yet it doesn't seem to hurt their annual association with the Christmas holidays.

I'm a very non-activist and apolitical person. But I implore you, sign the Make Eggnog All Year Round Petition. Do it for the children.


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