I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas

Just like the ones I've always known.

Living in central Alabama, harsh winters and any non-hail form of frozen precepitation are things we don't often see. At worst, we occasionally get a light dusting of snow and a few days in a row of overnight lows in the teens or single-digits. And even then, we won't get that until at least January or February. The Christmas and New Year holidays are almost always relatively mild. We just don't have a 'proper' winter like some parts of the country where it's truly cold most of the time and the white stuff is such a regular feature that it doesn't warrant pillaging the grocery stores.

And I'm fine with that. I actually LIKE the fact that it's often downright warm here during the Christmas holidays. Some of my fondest holiday memories involve being outside doing things I couldn't have been doing had it been cold with snow all around. Playing hide-and-seek and 'Mother-May-I' with all my cousins in my grandparents yard well after dark. Going on hayrides. Playing croquet and riding the golf cart around in my other grandparents well-manicured back yard. Heading down to the beach to ring in the New Year. Playing golf with my dad, grandfather and uncle. And simply sitting outside talking with family.

If I want to see a white Christmas I can always hop on a plane and go somewhere where they get 'proper' Christmas weather. I experienced my first (and only) white Christmas in 1994 when Holly and I flew up to Montana to spend the holidays in her grandparents cabin in the mountains near Big Sky. It would get down below -20 at night and top out in the 20s and low-30s during the day with snow well over 3' deep all around us. Even though I had the flu at the time, I could appreciate how beautiful it was. Perhaps if I hadn't been so sick I could've gotten outside to appreciate it even more. But one thing's for sure, we definitely wouldn't have been able to play golf. :)


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