Looking good Moose

Has any company ever gotten more (pardon the pun) mileage out of a commercial's creative than Enterprise Rent-A-Car and that quick shot of the packaged car at the end?

How long have they been using that shot now? I think it's been since at least the mid-90s, if not earlier. That clearly looks like a Chevy Lumina, Corsica or some other fleet vehicle of that era.

Besides the staleness of that one shot though, my biggest pet peeve about that commercial is the fact that it's now 2006 (almost 2007) and the guy's still saying "Class of '94, here I come" in reference to his high school reunion. Now I'm a '94 grad too. But I must have missed the invite to my 12 and 13-year reunions. I also wonder how the girls who are so vain as to be impressed by his Cadillac somehow missed the big green Enterprise Rent-A-Car sticker that would no doubt be hanging off his pimp rental.

I know I'm giving it too much thought. It's just a 15-second commercial. And I actually find the guy who plays Moose likable and funny (most notably in the Capital One spots.) But after you see the spot for the 20,000th time you can't help but nitpick the details and notice that the very dialog epitomizes a company that doesn't seem to care that it's advertising and overall image is stale. Enterprise, update your ad. Please. And while you're at it, gift wrap a car from this era.


Ken said...
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Evan R. Keller said...

My first reaction to that commercial was that anyone with half a brain would notice the Enterprise sticker on the car and that the scam would backfire sensationally, making "Moose" look like a bigger looser that he actually was. While we may be analysing a 15-second spot a little too close, it really feels like another example of an agency that is out-of-touch with the consumer and tried too hard to make a [barely] clever concept fit the product.

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