And just like that it's over

It seemed like I sneezed (because I was sick half the week) and suddenly all the build-up for Christmas and the New Year flew right by. We had a great time, but our household is just so on-the-go during the holiday week that we don’t get a chance to really soak it all in. The music is back to normal. The decorations are gone. The holiday lights have all gone down.

And perhaps most depressing of all (as it’s just now sinking in) the college football season is almost over. However, at least Alabama fans now have the next eight months to wildly speculate about how good our team will be thanks to the introduction of Nick Saban as coach (as if our fans needed any additional incentive to speculate.)

I felt sort of bad for Mark Gottfried today. The man has taken our basketball program to new heights and has assembled possibly the most talented squad in school history. After the way this football season went a lot of more casual fans were likely going to hop on-board the basketball bandwagon for escapism. However, you’d barely know the basketball program even exists after the entire state came to a standstill to witness the coronation of Saban earlier this morning. I kept hoping Gottfried might streak the press conference as a publicity stunt.

Maybe it's just as well though. The bandwagon fans are also the most fickle. And the fact that he doesn’t get as much scrutiny is probably one of the more attractive aspects to the job as a career. Job security is a rare thing for football and basketball coaches at major universities these days and Gottfried currently has an ample supply of it.

I can't wait to go to the Arkansas game next week.


KeithB said...

Maybe I should've kept my mouth shut. As soon as I give a little kudos to the basketball team they go out and get absolutely mauled by Arkansas.

That's the nature of the beast in college basketball though, especially when you go on the road. The situation could very easily be reversed when Arkansas visits Tuscaloosa.

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